Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to unlock any Huawei Modem- Step by Step guide

This guide is only for GSM Dongle not CDMA

To unlock any Huawei modem which data card locked to a specific network you can now easily unlock it and can use any sim card you want. In this tutorial I will tell you step by step guide to unlock your Huawei modem.

Steps to unlock Huawei modem:

1) Firstly to unlock your Huawei modem you need an Unlock code. To get the unlock code free for your modem post your modem IMEI number here-  Online calculator. You will get the unlock code instantly .

2) Once you get the unlock code you need an unlocker software. Click Here to download the unlocker application.

3) After you finish download trun off your modem or if it is connected to internet then disconnect the internet
(N.B- Do not disconnect your modem from PC just disconnect the internet. If the modem which you want to unlock is not connected to the PC then connect it.)

4) Now open the Unlocker application, you will get a window like this

5) After you connect your modem click 'CHECK LOCK' button to check the lock status of your modem. See the screenshot

6) Now see your modem is already unlocked or not.  It will say LOCKED if your modem is locked.

7) If your modem is locked then put the unlock code in the box below the 'CHECK LOCK' button and press 'UNLOCK'.

8) Thats it. You are done. Your modem is now unlocked and can be usable with any sim card of your choice.

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